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Prior to year 2003, taking pictures seriously was never in my mind, at late 2003, after introduce by a friend, I picked up a Nikon D70 1 week before my trip to Egypt, the result? Total disastrous. Then in May the following year, I make another trip to New Zealand, most photos end up in the recycle bin as well, but I start to notice the quality of the photos produce by the digital SLR. At that time, I started to join the local forum, namely www.photomalaysia.com and www.clubsnap.com, thanks to the brothers in the forum, I start to appreciate and enjoy the photos taking. The more I read and research in the net, I become more and more the art of photography.

I like to travel, but sometimes seeing how fast the mankind destroying the beautiful environment is heartache. Thus, I use the camera to capture all the beautiful landscape and scenery. I think photography is the best way to tell the world that how beautiful our planet is.


在2003年以前,我从来都不成想过正正经经的摄影,在2003年尾,受了一个朋友的介绍,我在去埃及旅游一星期前买了一部尼康D70,摄影结果?完全灾难。在第二年的五月,我又去了一趟新西兰旅游,大部分的照片都去了垃圾回收站,不过我也开始注意到了单反相机的照片素质。在那时,我也开始参与了本地的摄影网站论坛,如www.photomalaysia.com 和 www.clubsnap.com,要多谢论坛里的大哥们,我开始爱上了摄影。在阅读及研究了许多网站的讯息之后,我越来越喜欢摄影艺术。